Windows ( 64bit ) 170 MB Download
Linux ( 64bit ) 170 MB Download
Linux Notes

Product tested with latest debian versions ( 8,9,10... ) but it should run all other linux distibutions especically latest ubuntu distributions

Install Instructions
  • Windows:
    • Simply download and run setup application.
  • Linux:
    • download application
    • chmod +x
    • ./
  • After setup completed
    • Go url with your machine's ip. For example:
    • Login with Default account. Username: admin Password: teknoses

Generate License

To use MRCP Server, First you need a Serial number. You can get a "Free Serial Number" through your Teknoses Account.

  • Login to your Teknoses Account at here
  • Go "Account" page from left menu and then Click the "Create Free MRCP License" menu in the Actions Menu. ( The Actions menu is the three-dot button in the upper right corner. )
  • Go "Licences" page from left menu. You can find out the License as "Free MRCP License".

Register MRCP Server

After creating your Free MRCP License:

  • Login to your MRCP Server
  • Go Administration/Settings page from left menu and click "Register" menu from Actions menu
  • Paste your "Free MRCP License" and click "Save" Button
  • Congrulations. Everythings completed.


Free version of MRCP Server is a Hybrid Application. Runs completelly as local except Speech Recognition process. The Speech Recognition Calculations process on Teknoses Cloud over Secure SSL Connection.

There is also exists On-Premise Version of MRCP Server that includes processing of "Speech Recognition Requests" as local. Please Contact us for On Premise Version of MRCP Server.